About Us

Allen’s Trading Company LLC

We are a USA-based authorized distributor for Specialty Products Group, manufacturers of:
Branded Umbrellas;
Branded Cafe Breeze Barriers;
Branded Crowd Control Barrier Covers.

If you are looking for real bang for your marketing buck, you won’t do better than these products. We have a branding solution to suit your requirements! Call Matthew today on +1 (865) 309-3800 and discover what real service is all about

We offer an in-house design service, and banner printing is handled right here in Knoxville, TN.

Specialty Products Group

Specialty Products Group has developed and manufactured a unique blend of functional and promotional product including branded umbrellas, the original “Breeze Barrier” (the functional signage system), banners, bar mats, etc to the world’s leading brand names.

Breweries, soft drink manufacturers, wineries, airlines, telecommunication and the grocery industry to name but a few, have all entrusted Specialty Products Group for the manufacture of their various branding requirements.

When you purchase a Specialty Products Group product, you can rest assured that you are investing in an item that is built for the purpose for which it was intended, and carries with it the full backing and integrity on which our strong reputation has been built.